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The Midwifery Model of Care

The classic midwifery model is based on the assumption that most pregnancies, labors, and births are normal physiological processes that result in healthy outcomes for both mothers and babies. Midwifery care seeks to educate, empower and trust women while protecting and supporting the unique rhythm and timing of each woman’s labor. Midwives believe respectful maternity care is not only a crucial component of quality of care; it is a human right.


Prenatal Care

The individualized prenatal care at Mt. Edgecumbe Midwifery includes the following:

  • Monitoring of fetal growth, fetal heart rate and determining baby's position.

  • Monitoring maternal health and wellness that sometimes includes testing such as urinalysis, blood tests, assessing blood pressure, pulse and temperature, ultrasound (depending on request and indication), and overall emotional well-being.

As your pregnancy progresses, the one-on-one, hour long prenatal visits with your midwife will follow a regular schedule beginning around 10-12 weeks and continue as follows:

  • Every 4 weeks until week 28.

  • Every 2 weeks from weeks 28 to 36.

  • Every week from week 36 until birth.

Delivery & Postpartum Support

We are currently offering home-birth services and on a case-by-case basis hospital support. Regardless of where you birth we are committed to providing professional care with a personal focus. We watch and assist as needed or wanted based on your preferences. Midwives are skilled in risk assessment and spend most of our time working to prevent complications and unnecessary interventions. However, we will monitor you and your baby closely during your pregnancy and birth so that we can intervene when our skills are needed or refer to a higher level of care.
That care doesn't end after the birth of your baby, your midwife will visit you at home at 24-48 hours, 3 Days, 7Days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum. We can also help with referral recommendations for lactation specialists and mental health providers if you need extra support.


Childbirth Education

Mt. Edgecumbe Midwifery offers a series of two, four hour, childbirth education classes. This information is pivotal in preparing for childbirth and the postpartum period. We encourage all of our clients to attend these classes. Childbirth education gives you the tools to cope with the experience of labor and know what is going to happen during the labor process. Classes also help partners to know what to expect and how to help. We discuss comfort measures, the stages of labor, complications and much more. Many women have reported an increased confidence in labor and birth and an overall better birth experience. 

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